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Amir Ehrlich - Fine scenic photography

There's nothing like a special, unique, photo to decorate your home or office.

I welcome you to browse the site or my Instagram gallery and choose your new photo today. 

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I invite you to read an interview with me in DESTIG magazine

About me

About me

I was born in 1973 in Israel. I'm Married with 3 beautiful children.

Photography was always a hobby of mine but in the past few years it became more of a passion. I decided to take it a step forward and deepen my knowledge while improving my equipment. One can say it is now my desire to bring out unique photos that can be printed and decorate offices and living rooms. There is no greater pleasure than seeing my photos printed at large on canvas, wood or other materials.  

I enjoy photographing the sky - Sunrise and sunset, Moonrise the milky way and star trails. I also enjoy scenic photography and especially long exposures of streams and waterfalls. I'm using the techniques of long exposure to show things that cannot be seen regularly painting with the sensor of my camera to bring out something that is out there but not everyone can see.

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Amir Ehrlich


Tel: 972-54-6486521

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